I had made a phpbb dicussion forum section.
I had alreadt edited the logo.
But i am not able to edit its footer link.
and the outlook and color combination.
overall i need to customize the look of my phpbb forum.

I had many question:

1. How to change the header. If i want to place my animated header or custom header like in this site .
This site it had custom header.

2. how to change the color combination of forums.

You are requested to please take a look at forums as now it is not having any user but i want to customize it before making users.


You can customize the CSS from within the ACP and you can customize the HTML templates by editing the .tpl files.

In the adminstrator control panel we can just change the color combination but

we can't change the existing header with our banner or any other custom banner

we can't change the side banner.

and from where to change the footer.

Like I said, by editing the .tpl files :)