I have a situation. I am running a Windows XP with iE 6.0 sp2; under admin i am able to view the site no problem. Once I logon as the user I am no longer able to view the site.

I checked the following
Using Java and not Microsot vm.
Reset all browser settings
Checked settings within security.
Installed latest java engine
Installed latest FLASH player - shot in the dark thinking they work together for some apps

Should I try a windows update and see if there is anything missing from the OS?????

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The site is external and a few of them. Soem of them combine FLASH and java. I have updated both on the field PC but the local user cannot access these once they are set back to restricted or standar user - I am thinking that this may be a polict issue or an image issue, not sure which one.

Thank you for responding, I hope to have some head way on this as each day, the helpdesk is receiving more and more calls regarding not being able to view certain web sites.

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