I was going to post up a job spec but I think what i'm really looking for is some suggestions to where to look or post up when looking for PHP Coders. And i dont want one-off Rentacoder.com or getafreelancer.com coders due to a couple of bad experiences and I dont want those 'we have 50 Indians coding 24/7' companies who seem to just be hungry for the $$$$... i'm looking for a way to find someone who has experience and wants to come on board with a more longterm mindset... any ideas? Or do i live in a fantasy world?


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Every programmer write for $$$. This is a fact.

I would suggest you to get a business partner rather than hire a programmer, if you cannot trust the quality etc. Profit sharing is alway a good practice to make one work harder for you.

Anyway, what is your time frame, and how complex your work may be?

Every coder does not write for $$$, I appreciate what you are saying but we have gone from 200k in Alexa rankings to 38k in the space of under a year. All work on the site has been with coders who believed in the project and wanted passionately to be a part of it, am sure any coder would have loved to have been involved in MySpace or YouTube...

Rev share is definitely something we are looking at also.

We are looking to turn around a MySpace type clone (can use an existing script) in 3 weeks. There are many other minor projects but this is the key next stage. thx

Honestly I think its a fantasy world, I personally have perfect feedback (37+) at getafreelancer and I am not from india but I dont have the time to take on other projects as I have more than enough now as it is..

I also have dealt with many on getafreelancer and some other sites, I always seem to have the issue of them either staying online and doing their job which they get paid for or they just want the money without working for it..

Some good suggestions on where to find some "real" php coders that love what they do and do it with the mindset of longterm would be nice..

As for MySpace I personally recoded one that a client supplied me with, huge site and a huge amount of work involved..


As for MySpace I personally recoded one that a client supplied me with, huge site and a huge amount of work involved.

James, would be reallly keen to see that site...

Am not saying that I want free coding... just that i dont want to pay for work that doesnt get done properly for coders who are just trying to squeeze you for money and put up a free script! :mad:

why can't get into php sites
those stuff they know it well
u can hire them easily

I can take a look for you but I work 18 hours a day 7 days a week now, and yes I love what I do ...

Cant promise you anything but I can take a look. I would not for obvious reasons post the url on the forum in public..

Personally I find no use for free scripts, stolen scripts, or open source at all but yeah I know how some so-called coders do.. If I am going to build a site then I am going to build a site and do it from 100% scratch as I do all my sites..


And most of the programmers or people that claim to be programmers on that site dont list their real locations .. They say things like Location : "Earth" oh now that real mature..

Tells me a few things

1. They cant read english properly and inwhich case when it comes to coding they are useless if they cant read and spell english basic words..

2. They are from a country like India and dont want people to know because they know people know how wannabee coders in india are..

3. Final reason could be that they are just inmature and when it comes to building a high quality site a inmature coder is not someone you want..

So again I still think its a fantasy to find a true coder that has passion for his/her work.. I am one and I have 2 coders which are being paid some good money, outside of that I think its a fantasy ..


But what about the people that don't put "Earth" as there location, you never know, there could be an exetremely talented and creative programmer on there that needs work.
Well besides that, another good place to find coders would be at colleges (CS Depts.) especially seniors who are looking for some work, just a suggestion.

I have dealt with a few college students too and problem is they dont be online enough to really get any work done.. I mean come on how much work can you get done in 4 or 5 hours 5 days a week ?

To build a full scale website at those hours it would take 4 months to build a 1 1/2 month site .. Do know about other people but I just dont have the time to put 4 months into a site unless it something like myspace but again at those hours a myspace clone would take 8 or more months to build..

As far as good programmers really looking for work, well again that is very far and few that you can find that hold a passion for what they do.. I know the original poster and myself are not looking for someone to just work, but someone that holds a passion in what they do and love what they do.. someone that puts pride into their work and not just work to get paid.. There is a big difference, trust me..

Personally I thrive on what I do for a living, I love to build something from nothing.. build it from the ground up and make it into something real, different, and usefull.. When I am done I can sit back and look and be proud of what I done and be proud of a site that was built from nothing.. working for money is one thing.. working with a burning passion in your heart is another ..

But thanks for the suggestions though..


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