Hi - I need some advice on how to force web controls to update. I have built a custom header and footer as two separate web controls, and have added them to the Toolbox. I can then drag and drop them onto any aspx web page. All has been going well for over a year, but then I modified the header control to read items dynamically from an Access database. All works fine on my development computer - if I want to change items in the header, I simply update the database which is read by ODBC system DSN connection. I have set up the same ODBC connection on the production server with a copy of the database and deployed the new web pages.

The problem is an old version of the web control DLL is buried way down deep on the production server in a folder like: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\metocean\73b96c40\cd17fc67\assembly\dl2\a4f7c00c\7a9b0fa4_17e9c601

and the web pages use this even though the latest version is available in the website bin directory.

I have removed the controls from the toolbox, then added them again to ensure I have the most recent version. I have then replaced the controls on each web page to ensure they are also using the latest dll.

Any suggestions?

I have to hang my head in shame - it was all a red herring with a stupid stupid stupid mistake on my part. The server shortcut to open the MS Access db with security enabled was pointing to my development PC. I can't believe I could be so dumb! Apologies for wasting your time for getting this far. All my DLLs on the server ASP Temp folder updated after finishing re-compiling all pages with the new most recent web controls.

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