It uses a very simple PHP script to use text files as articles and directories as categories to build a website. It's a very simple CMS and uses no database to store anything. It doesn't have comments or search, but it is a good solution for a fairly static, traditional content-based site without recoding each HTML file separately.

It uses no admin panel is extremely small and lightweight and secure. Ideal for a small, personal content-based site. Do read the "readme" file before, it's very simple to set it up. Just create folders for categories and put the articles inside each category as a text file (with HTML for formatting if needed). Upload articles as text files in the category you need and you're done!

I don't plan on extending it with any features as it's meant to be very basic...

The article text file format is

Article title
Article content

Check my site for a demo:

You can download it as I've attached it here.

Okay, I must be dense since I don;t see any admin area to add articles. Isn't that what a cms is? All I see is a template that inserts my website url but what about adding articles? managing Categories...where is this done, please?

You have to create directories (folders) labeled with the same name as your article, then put a text file in it with your articles content.

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