Ok, basically I have this giant, great, big, long variable and I still haven't learn the syntax for this sort of thing. How would I break this up? Basically, the variable is information that is being displayed in a tooltip that hovers after a mouseover.

var msgBrackenRidge = '<b>Eco-Friendly Residence</b><br><br>51 Gawler Crescent, Bracken Ridge.<br><a href="http://www.forestgroup.com.au"><img src="thumbnails/gawlercresth.jpg" border="0"></a><br><a href="http://www.forestgroup.com.au/construction.htm" onClick="window.open('projectsuper.html','win1','scrollbars=1,width=297,height=390')"><u>Click Here for more info.</u></a>';

Thanks in advance


Hopefully, the following will give you an idea of the possibilities. The only major change that I made, other than breaking it into multiple lines for easier editing, was to add backslashes (\) ahead of embedded quotes on line 11.

var msgBrackenRidge = '';
msgBrackenRidge += '<b>Eco-Friendly Residence</b>';
msgBrackenRidge += '<br><br>';
msgBrackenRidge += '51 Gawler Crescent, Bracken Ridge.';
msgBrackenRidge += '<br>';
msgBrackenRidge += '<a href="http://www.forestgroup.com.au">';
msgBrackenRidge += '<img src="thumbnails/gawlercresth.jpg" border="0">';
msgBrackenRidge += '</a>';
msgBrackenRidge += '<br>';
msgBrackenRidge += '<a href="http://www.forestgroup.com.au/construction.htm"';
msgBrackenRidge += ' onClick="window.open(\'projectsuper.html\',\'win1\',\'scrollbars=1,width=297,height=390\')">';
msgBrackenRidge += '<u>Click Here for more info.</u>';
msgBrackenRidge += '</a>';