Title:CAn anyone provide me a very simple code for shopping cart?

Good day,

I am newbie in PHP.
I wish to learn to implement a shopping cart.
Since i start doing my final year project with the title "buy and sell books".
I have to learn how to code the shopping cart.
I am using PHP5+MySQL4+IIS
My idea is different user login will have different "account" that show what bookhe sell/buy.
Can anyone do me a favour?
Please provide me an easy understand coding(the complete one,without"class")
And is coded with html/php5/mysql only.

Or,you may tell me some useful website as well.TQ

From ,
Universtiy UTAR

I don't write code for people here. If you want help with a specific aspect of your shopping cart, I'll be glad to help.

To Puckdropper;

i was wondering if ou could point me towrds a php shopping cart plz, which is simple to implement into my website, i have a product page, where users click on a product to view it, now, all im looking for is, a add to cart button from there, i have found this example http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/MySQL/Building-A-Persistent-Shopping-Cart-With-PHP-and-MySQL/2/, but its not working, keep getting errors and its really irritating man


Post a new thread (instead of replying to a really old one) with your relevant code and the errors you're getting. This description is too vague to answer.

Well my good sir epicrevolt, if you had read my post, i have done a thing called RESEARCH... and went through MANY cart, but cnt seem to get them working with my website... THATS Y i posted HERE...

and thank you for the CMS link, really helpful...

If you are using PayPal, you can use their cart. It doesn't get much simpler than that.