Title:CAn anyone provide me a very simple code for shopping cart?

Good day,

I am newbie in PHP.
I wish to learn to implement a shopping cart.
Since i start doing my final year project with the title "buy and sell books".
I have to learn how to code the shopping cart.
I am using PHP5+MySQL4+IIS
My idea is different user login will have different "account" that show what bookhe sell/buy.
Can anyone do me a favour?
Please provide me an easy understand coding(the complete one,without"class")
And is coded with html/php5/mysql only.

Or,you may tell me some useful website as well.TQ

From ,
Universtiy UTAR

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I don't write code for people here. If you want help with a specific aspect of your shopping cart, I'll be glad to help.

To Puckdropper;

i was wondering if ou could point me towrds a php shopping cart plz, which is simple to implement into my website, i have a product page, where users click on a product to view it, now, all im looking for is, a add to cart button from there, i have found this example http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/MySQL/Building-A-Persistent-Shopping-Cart-With-PHP-and-MySQL/2/, but its not working, keep getting errors and its really irritating man


Post a new thread (instead of replying to a really old one) with your relevant code and the errors you're getting. This description is too vague to answer.

Well my dear sir. I am not a master coder, or a person that writes code for people out of the good of my heart, but have you ever tried this thing called research? There is this really cool site called Open Source CMS, it lists a crapload of Open Source CMSs. There is an ecommerce category, try there.


Well my good sir epicrevolt, if you had read my post, i have done a thing called RESEARCH... and went through MANY cart, but cnt seem to get them working with my website... THATS Y i posted HERE...

and thank you for the CMS link, really helpful...

If you are using PayPal, you can use their cart. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

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