Hello Everyone,

I need to complete a task, although I am not quite sure how?

The task is to create a very unusual search system for a car rental site.

There is a database of cars that the rental company possesses, and when the user specifies the rental period - the list of available cars should be presented to the user. But the thing is that they should be presented in the XML format using XSLT transformation.

The question is:
How to transform database search results into a structured XML document and present it on an ASP.NET webform? (Maybe there are some useful functions or components in VS.NET 2003?)

All suggestions are welcome, if you need some more specific info, feel free to ask.

Thank you!

dude ur question is general.

dude we r willing to help u but u need to google urself
come on, we r not going to do ur job here.

after u google, if u face anyproblem then u can ask abt it here.

thats my advice to u


dude ur question is general.

Dear Sam,

my question is much more specific than your answer is. Instead of writing bull####, you'd rather write nothing. You see you contradict yourself stating that you're willing to help while you're not.

The forum is a place where you can seek for any advice no matter how amateur or professional it is. If you're not willing to give one just don't.

P.S: I think you might wanna avoid using "us" as if you represent every single person in this forum...


no need to get upset by my advice to you.

thats my opnion. wht i want to tell u is that u need to google abt how to transform to xml.

u have write:
Maybe there are some useful functions or components in VS.NET 2003?

wht this question? come on. u google and find and try then if u face a problem u can ask abt it here.

i am telling u that coz u need to learn to google and discover urself.


Dear Sam,

please provide no further advice on this thread, the're so uselesss.