I am using Flash MX Professional 2004. I have created a flash intro page and want to link it to the home page of my website (which i created in Dreamweaver). In Flash, i created a button and applied action script. I used:

on (release) {getURL(home.htm);


The flash doc and website docs are in the same location. The button works, it just comes up with an error message saying cant find the file (the file IS there).

Any suggestions to fix this problem or why it isn't working.

Any help appreciated.


.htm .html

Does the extension make any difference.


Thanks for replying. It does not make any difference.

The error message is:
‘file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/My%20Documents/File%20Name/Folder%20Name/undefined’. Make sure the path of Internet address is correct

Any help appreciated!

Erm try making the path more simple to eliminate errors.

For example place your html file somewhere simple such as directly in the c: drive. I.e.


Then I guess you could change on (release) {getURL(home.htm); to

on (release) {getURL("c:/yourfile.html");

Have a look here as well:


Don't forget to use quotation marks around your path as well!!!

getURL("c:/yourfile.html", "_blank"); 

I fixed it.

I am so dumb! It just needed double quotes around home.htm

on (release) {getURL("home.htm");


Thanks everyone.

Yeah I just realised! He he.