I have a SOAP service who get me a list of customer object, this service is very slow and i don't why.
Configuration :
j2sdk 1_4_2_12
jakarta-tomcat 5.0.28
soap 2.3.1
the size of return xml file is about 200 kb and the object type returned are quite complex
Server side, the business treament (acces to database... ) take less than 0.5 s but all the SOAP service take more than 3 second.
I don't if it's a pb of parsing, soap configuration or optimzation but i localize the pb in the invoke and more excalty in the send http method
Could you help me

You might want to upgrade to a more modern SOAP layer, like Axis 2 or JSWDP 2.1, which are FAR faster than the one you're using.

If the problem is indeed internal in the SOAP layer (and not caused by network latency) that should help.
Mind that this can cause you to have to make changes in your WSDL files, which could be problematic if there are applications already using the services (they'd probably have to regenerate their stubs and be recompiled).