hi every1
i m new to website development.
just learning it.
i have made a code in which i access my database(MS Access).
i m able to print the first record of the database on the page.
but i m not able to go to next record which i want to show on click of a button.
i dont want to use while(rs.next) as i dont want to show all the records at once.
the code i m writing is->

<%@ page import="java.sql.*" %>
String dataSourceName="mydsn";
String dbURL="jdbc:odbc:" + dataSourceName;
Connection con= DriverManager.getConnection(dbURL,"","");
Statement s=con.createStatement();
s.execute("select * from web");
ResultSet rs;
rs=s.getResultSet() ;
function getDetails()
<form method="post">
Website:<input type="text" value="<%=rs.getString(1) %>"><br>
Url:<input type="text" value="<%=rs.getString(2) %>"><br>
Category: <input type="text" value="<%=rs.getString(3) %>"><br>
Description: <input type="text" value="<%=rs.getString(4) %>"><br>
Search Engine-><br>
Yahoo: <input type="text" value="<%=rs.getString(5) %>"><br>
Google: <input type="text" value="<%=rs.getString(6) %>"><br>
Altavista: <input type="text" value="<%=rs.getString(7) %>"><br>
<input type="button" value="Next" onClick="getDetails()">

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Why don't you store whole databse into bean and then on button press request next set

bro thanks for ur reply.
but i dont know how to use beans.
can u show me a small code????

nice explanation on wikipedia

bellow is how do I get data from my db about events in calendar

CalendarData[] eArr = new CalendarData[exists];
	int i=0;
	strQuery = "select event_type, ev_date, ev_time, ev_description from calendar_events where userName='" + strUser + "' and cal_id='" + calId + "'";
	rs = stmt.executeQuery( strQuery);
	while( rs.next())
		eArr[i] = new CalendarData();
		eArr[i].setEventType(rs.getString("event_type") );
		eArr[i].setEventDate(rs.getString("ev_date") );
		eArr[i].setEventTime(rs.getInt("ev_time") );
		eArr[i].setEventDescription(rs.getString("ev_description") );
	} // end while loop
	session.setAttribute("eventArray", eArr);
	CalendarData[] test = (CalendarData[]) session.getAttribute("eventArray");

Also do not connect to DB from JSP use servlets

thanks got the soln

Nice Nice! I used the Solution given by one of the members using the DAO Pattern! I agree with @peter_budo that having code in JSP does not solve problems quickly but rather call the methods from servlets or from separate java files. Great Thread! I also got a solution for one of my problems!

Thankz Once Again :-)

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