I am new to JSP and was trying a very simple program that adds/Divide/multiply/Subtract 2 numbers
I am taking two numbers from a web page and as per the button pressed performing the action on JSP page. I have kept a vraiable c for output

If i write int c=0 ;then it works fine but if i only write int c and then code its not working
I have never observed this behavior in core Java.Is variable initialisation is mandatory in JSP.FOllowing is code i am using that throws exception

            int a=Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("t1"));
            int b=Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("t2"));
            int c ;
            String label=request.getParameter("b1");
            if (label.equals("add"))
                if (label.equals("sub"))
                    if (label.equals("mul"))
                        if (label.equals("div"))
         <% out.print(c);%>

What happens, if it makes it all the way to the last nested if statement and that statement evaluates to false instead of true? What value would c have then? None because it hasn't been initialised. Add an else to the last nested if and the error will go away.

and why do this at all?
When will kids learn that scriptlets are there for backwards compatibility only and should never have been invented?

Thanks a lot for the answer.It really makes sense to me and i didnt thought about last nested loop.

Thanks once again