I have confused in the terms of www and www2. For what purpose really www and www2 are used in webservers. I have searched but Iam not found a good result. Can anyone tell why the term www, www2 and www1 are used in webservers and for what purpose?


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www1, www2, and any other number are all sub-domains. The main reason of using sub-domain is making the site more organise. For example, use www1 for english version, www2 for spanish and www3 for german etc. You can also use wwwww or vvv or abc as sub-domain.

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usually whatever comes before the domain name is a hostname. so abc.domain.com, and xyz.domain.com are supposedly different servers. it can be overruled, of course, but nonetheless. so if you encounter www.domain.com and www2.domain.com, the domain has more than one www server, and since you can't have duplicate names, the second was named www2.