Hello, I used dreamweaver to create a website, i used the dreamweaver features of 'Log In User' form which is ingregrated into dreamweaver application, now i made a registration page using dreamweaver as well using the 'Record insert wizard' i have microsoft Access database connected to this, now my assignment requires me to

Administrators will be able to login and administer permissions for newly submitted agent’s either allowing or discarding the application."

How can i go about the admin accepting or declining the registration from the things i have done so far in dreamweaver. Thanks.


its simple add a field in user table named "Status" and at the time of user registration insert "Pending" in that field then make a form in administrators CONTROL PANEL
From where administrator can update user record, administrator will update this field with Accept or Decline, or completely delete the user’s record

Now at the time of user logging you can check, is user application Pending or
Accept or Decline

If Pending then

Show Message “User application is pending”

If Decline then

Show Message “User application is rejected”

If Accept then

Show Message “User application is Accepted”

Redirect to user CONTROL PANEL

Well its an idea only

All the best

Rahul Dev Katarey