Good evening to all:

I want urgent help in my graduation project which is on-line shop for selling astronomical tools [telescopes, binoculars, books and so on]. I planned to make the interface by and the database using Access but till now and to be honest, I don’t know any thing about them but I want to make my project by them, so how I have to start? What’s the resources I have to use for learning .

Finally, My real ambition is to make my project unique.
I took the idea from this website

Thanks for your time & waiting your responses

Hi guys!!!!

where are you?

no body can help me or just respond???

please I need your help soooooooo much

Hey nice idea to pick up ASP .Net and Access.

It is an easy task if you start with your database design.
Like all others if you DO NOT have time for your project work, then there is no point. Otherwise I can offer to help you out get it out the right way.