Hi All,

I have built a section for my site which is to be used by administrators, In which I have a page where I can update records within my Access DB. All of the fields work fine apart from..... The radio buttons.

Currently when updating a record and selecting for example the radio button marked "Yes", on execute I am sent to the admin homepage (which is what i want it to do) but when I view the record again in the update section the radio buttons have switched back to their original state "No"!

The database is updating correctly and I have set the value of the buttons to -1 and 0.

I had this working for a short while until I added a new Radio button field and now none of them work! (I have given both sets of radio buttons different names).

I am using Deamweaver MX2004 to create these if this is any help!

Any assistance would be appreciated.



The main problem with this sort of thing is asp is that you don't have data types for variables. That means whenever you do a compare to determine which radio button to select you must cast the data into the same types.


If databaseField1 = -1 Then

Needs to be

If cInt(databaseField1) = -1 Then

This needs to be done all the time in ASP, it can drive you a little nuts :)