I have been picking up little bits of JavaScript for a while now and I can do a lot of basic scripts like disjoin (sp) rollovers and redirects and stuff. Now I want to be able to create advanced scripts like games and advanced form handling things. I find that I am much better learning things from books than online tutorials and stuff like that so can anyone recomend some good books? also could you supply the ISBN number.

JavaScript for dummies sucks. Haven't tried any others though. There are a lot of things I would learn way before JavaScript...

Ye I know it does, it hardly goes into any detail about anything of any use

The best Javascript book i've found is:
Pure Javascript: A Code-Intensive Premium Reference [SAMS]
by R.Allen Wyke, Jason D. Giliam, and Charlton Ting

1000s of Free Javascripts

If you don't need the book to "teach" you as long as it explains everything with precision, a GREAT companion book for Sam's (which will lead you by the hand, but only goes a few steps with you) is O'Reilly's Javascript, the Definitive Guide, by Flanagan, which will allow you to explore further up each side trail Sam's shows you on your own.

i just waana learn javascript so that i could create my own widgets and trackers so that it becomes easy for me to handle all the onlin e operations..can anyone help me over this matter..thnxx


You are doing the right thing. Javascript is at the heart of modern web applications. The old wimp-off-back-to-the-server-and-reserve-the-page days are over.

Watch and read everything you can find by Douglas Crockfird. Then go out and buy some books (including his own).


I think the best thing to do in your case is to work by examples...so you can have more ideas on what you can make

Whoops, typo in my post above. Douglas Crockfird should read Douglas Crockford.