Hi all!

I am new in this forum! Its really nice to see forum members helping each other out.

Anyway let me cut to the chase, I have been programming in VB.NET since last year. Even though I'm not very good at it, but at least i was able to finish up all my school assignments properly. This semester I'm taking a new subject -- Advanced Web Technologies (which basically teaches ASP.NET).

Even though the language I'm using is VB...i am finding it quite difficult to cope with. Because I have never done Database programming before, and in ASP.NET assignment i have been asked to connect to a SQL Database and then manipulate data.

All my lecture slides shows how to deal with data in ACCESS but then the assignments, we will have to do in SQL (Weird Huh?!)

Anyway, I am wondering whether any of you can give me a sample ASP.NET (done using visual studio -vb). Then perhaps by looking at your code I'll be able to do mine.

I have been asked to make an application for airlines administration. So it involves adding, deleting, sorting, searching etc from a SQL/MYSQL Db.

So if any of you have ANY Asp.net database project done using SQL or MYSQL in VB.NET can you please send it to me?

My email address is - tina.loves.cat[at]gmail.com.

Thanks & I really appreciate your help =)


Do you have express edition?

I know that Visual Web Developer Express (free download) comes with a project wizard for a personal website (complete with photo gallery, login etc...) . Its may be useful to examine the code behind it

Nop i dont have express edition. Does it also show to add/remove from Database?

OK i'm downloading the Express Edition rigtt now.

Anyone has any other suggestion!!?? Is there anyway from where i can download sample asp database applications?

If you ever want a book i recommend the Microsoft Press ones - ive got one for ASP.NET and it rocks

any pdf version of that one available??