I have created a widows application.the set up is created successfully.
now when i install it on target machine without framework it ask to install framework first.Client needs that framework should be install automatically if not rpresent already on machine.

i.e first the application should check whether the required version of framework is present or not on client machine and if not then it should install framework first followed by My application.

any help?

See if this helps:


My developer isn't going to be back in the office for another week, he has run into this issue before and has a fix using the setup project deployment method but I can't remember the details.

We build internal applications so my WSUS server takes care of keeping everyone up to date on the latest framework. Other than that I can remember having to add a component in the install process for a ReportViewer control to work properly.

By right clicking on your project in the solution designer, then going to the publish tab, then choosing prerequisites you can modify a few things in there...also there are a ton of publishing options I haven't explored. Poke around and see what you come up with.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.