I have an ASP page that uses VB to make the url that would be used on a page. I also have a Javascript function that when activated would change a form around. Now what I want to do is using JS when an image is clicked to get the url that the VB made to a JS function. My problem is that the url is saved through the use of a variable(url2), Im having problems passing that variable into the JS function. If any one knows how to do this it would be greatly apreciated.

you try to understand below code, it maybe can help u.
sub vbproc(num1,num2)
end sub
<script language="javascript" runat="server">
function jsproc(num1,num2)

<p>Result (call vbscript function): <%call vbproc(3,4)%></p>
<p>Result (call javscript function): <%call jsproc(3,4)%></p>