Hello guys!

I am new to the languiage Php and MySQL. Pls help me in working with my search engine. What i want is there will be a drop down button that displays all the list of the selected field/s from the database. Whenever that record is selected it will display related data.

I have tried working on it but i have trouble in displaying on the list and searching on its related records. pls help me, if you have code the better. Any help will be appreciated a lot. plsss......


could u explain more

Thanks for response.

I am working on a search engine that will look for the data stored in the database and display the contents of the selected value which is true.

The data stored in a field BSNUMBER will serve as the list for the drop down button. If i select on the list of BSNUMBER's in the drop down button and click search, it will display all rows of the BSNUMBER that is being selected.

If you have other idea in creating a search engine that looks for data stored in a database i will truly appreciate it.

I hope im not giving so much pain to you. pls help. thanks