I've just found this website whilst looking for tutorials on how to create an php search function for a website i'm working on and wondered if anyone could offer me some advice.

Basically I need to create a search function for a recruitment company website that consists of 2 drop down boxes.

the first will be to select the vacancy type with the options

<option>search all</option>

and the second list selects the job type


depending on the selected options then this would pull teh relevent data from the database

Basically i am looking for a tutorial or some advice on how to go about creating this as i'm fairly new to php and not exactly sure where to start. What is the correct term for this type of search as i am struggling to find anyhting on the web that can help?

If anyone could offer me some advice then i would be very grateful

many thanks in advance

Basically what you need to know is:

How to submit a form and handle the submission results.
How to connect to a database, query the database and retrieve the database query result.

How far is your knowledge of PHP?