I have a problem with a site I am doing. I am writing an email address as a session variable and on my dev machine (windows XP running EasyPHP) I am having no problems calling up user information based on this. BUT when I put it on the live server (Dont know what OS etc) The information is not being retrieved. I am NOT a PHP guru! WHAT CAN THE ISSUE BE PLEASE!! Any help would be appreciated.

I would guess that the Session variable hasn't been configured on the server. But it's just a guess.

It is, when the user logs in, I write their mail address in using the session name: as in welcome WhoEver. but when I try and use this to retrieve any data from the MySql DB the hidden fields I am using and trying to write the Session to are blank!?

My suggestion is to give up on the php session variables.

Just create a sessions table in your database and then store the key to this session in a cookie or in a form variable.

This way when your system grows and you end up in a load balanced web farm, you will still have this centralized session concept.

This will also eliminate any configuration issues around php sessions variables.