hi Everybody,
I am doing project on web based events.
1) I am doing the project with jsp. I want to show the daily events on one hour basis.
8am eventDesc
9am eventDesc
-- ---
upto 9pm.
I want to show all the events that are occuring at 8 am. If there is event at any particular time it has show against the time. If there are no events it will show blank space.
How to show that?
2) I want to show last month day event. today ie.,if there is event on 2007-06-10. i have to show the last month event on 2007-07-10. i am getting problem reg sql statement. i have checked both month and day. if these are equal i have to show the event.
sql statement is

select * from Cal_Event where RepStatus='M' AND DAY('"+num+"')= DAY(NOW()) AND MONTH('"+num+"') = MONTH(NOW());

It is not working properly. Am i write or not?
I am using mysql as db.

pl help me

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If you have full instalation of Tomcat then there in examples you can find calendar. This will give you idea how to sort your problem.

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