Hello, everyone. This is the first time I encounter Ruby Programming Language. Can anyone please explain briefly what is Ruby. From the information that I read in the Internet, Ruby is a fully object oriented language with combination of Perl and Small Talk. Anyhow, I m still confuse of what ruby is, when to use it and how it is suitable to be apply in development. On other hand, how does Ruby relates with Java and .NET framework?Thank you.

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Ruby is just another programming like Java or PHP. It's one of many tools you can use for a job. It's not really any more special then any other language.

FYI, .NET is framework which is different from a programming language so you can't compare it to other languages. You can only compare it to other frameworks like Ruby on Rails or CakePHP.

Thank you stymiee and Gary King. Now I got the idea of what is Ruby.

Hello everybody
This is vineet.Actually u have got the right insight about ruby that is ruby is a object oriented language.But there are also a plenty of things which u need to know to get the true idea about what ruy can do in the world of web.
Actually,ruby got the familiarity with rails framework.Ruby is scripting based language indulge some new features such as block.

Thank you
Vineet Kumar

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