hi ...
i want to use php 4 and apache 2 on fedora core 4 ... butr not been able to use ... so can anyone tell me how to plugin php non apache on linux platform ....



There are instructions to install php on Linux.
Look in INSTALL file.

- Mitko Kostov

Php is installed and apache too ... but how to get a plugin of php ...so tht i cn use php via apache server ...

If there both installed it should work. I used the debian repository via ubuntu to get apache and mod_php (I believe that's what the plugin is called). How did you install PHP and Apache? Did you compile it yourself?

There might be another problem instead of Apache not seeing PHP, does it serve static pages? Otherwise there might be another problem. Some systems come standard with all ports closed, I bleieve they cal that hardened by default. Maybe you need to open port 80 (I believe they only do that by server releases though).

Good luck