Ok, I installed a php program on my website, not nuke, i need forums so i installed phpbb on a stand alone database, when i deleted the php program and install phpnuke, it comes wiht the phpbb already, which u really must use to have all the member names correct, otherwise people have to register 2 times once for forums, once for php nuke, also scrollign forums and top posters block will not read right, i exported the old forum to a sql file and tried inserting it into the nuke data base under the phpbb, it says everything went ok but nothign changes, the informations is not there. the phpnuke and phpbb run on the same server just different database entries. i need to really move the phpbb i made into the nukephpbb, i tried just copying the files over to the phpnuke folders that apply to the forum, btu i get line errors. also templates inside the nukephpbb do not work only colors change all the image files do not show ( like X pic) everything is installed in the correct file paths and folders, still no pics show. on the phpbb i have on a standalone templates work perfect. so in mysql i see 2 data bases, one for phpnuke and one for phpbb, any way to combine them? move all settings and data over? anyway to make templates work?

thanks for ur help in advance!


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I know it's 8 years too late if you have solve this issue that you are having.

Have you try PHP-Nuke 8.2:


It's much easier to install now than back then.