We have just migrated a website's files and database from a dedicated host to a shared hosting platform. We are just testing everything before it goes live.

All the aspx files load fine except for 3 of them - RSS_News.aspx, RSS_Employment.aspx and RSS_Weather.aspx. For example when trying to load the RSS_News.aspx page I'm taken to the error page with the following in the browser address bar:

http://<domain name>/ErrorPage.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/RSS_News.aspx

Which tends to suggest the file cannot be found. But believe me the 3 files are very much located in the website's root directory!!!

Here are the strange things about it:
1) There is no problem with the RSS feed link used in each file - they load fine by themselves.

2) These 3 aspx files loaded fine from the dedicated host. They also load fine from my local machine which uses the same web.config as the web.config on the shared host. (There is nothing specific about the RSS aspx files in the web config)

3) The permissions on the files are all the same - paranoia made me change them to rwxrwxrwx (even though I shouldn't need that much permission set!)

4) Changing the filenames to RSSNews.aspx for instance doesn't make a difference.

Any suggestions or pointers?? This is driving me crazy! :@
Something funny has to be going on with the web server doesn't it??