I'm using PHPNuke and i get the following error:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected '\"', expecting ',' or ';' in /home/jadedf/public_html/portal/themes/3D-Fantasy/theme.php on line 58

line 58 is below and it is the only line i've played around with in the theme.php file..i'm trying to get an image for my background. help!

"<body bg=\"graybg.jpg" "text=\"#000000\" link=\"#363636\" vlink=\"#363636\" alink=\"#d5ae83\">\";

whats wrong with it?


It should be..

"<body bg=\"graybg.jpg\" text=\"#000000\" link=\"#363636\" vlink=\"#363636\" alink=\"#d5ae83\">";

I THINK. I don't use PHPNuke but it seems you just incorrectly escaped the string.

echo "<body background=\"graybg.jpg\" "text=\"#000000\" link=\"#363636\" vlink=\"#363636\" alink=\"#d5ae83\">";

Shoud be working.

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