Hi everyone. New to this web forum. Just looking for some help here.

I am using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express. I am wanting to create a page of names. This page of names will need to point to a template .aspx file, and insert criteria into 3 GridView query's and a FormView query. The criteria will be the same for each of those. And also paste the name of the person onto the page (not a query or anything, just the page Title). I have been searching for this answer, and nothing yet. If I can not do this, I will be forced to create over 16,000 seperate pages. Not my first choice. The data is coming from MS Access 2003, next step is to get familiar with SQL.

If you might have a solution, I would appreciate it, but please try to break it down Barney style, I know my way around this program somewhat, still fairly new. Thank you.

Hey Stevendmar...
Can u explain some brief abt the prob...

basically, I need to populate the template .aspx page with unique ID's in 3 different GridViews, and 1 FormView when clicking on a name from a list on a different web page. The web page with the names to be clicked on could be a .aspx, html, or other type of web page.

Maybe I did not explain this well enough. I want to use one file with say 100 names on it. The names will be the hyperlinks. When I click on a name it will open a another page. This "other" page needs to be sort of a template. So instead of having 100 different pages (one for each name), there will only be one page. Anyone??