unlike PHP that i need i can configure the webserve i.e apache either authomatic or manual i a can run it effectively!
But i find it difficult to know what the problem is on working with ASP.Net because i can run it. I want to know all the webserver that can best work with ASP.Net and the all the procedure that takes for me to work effectively with ASP.net. Running "Hello World" succesfully.

And where can i get effective tutorial base on ASP.Net that will make me a good ASP.Net programmer

The IDE for ASP.NET is Visual Studio 2005 (all editions) it includes it's own web server for developers to run ASP.NET apps they make. When you run an ASP.NET app in debug mode it automatically runs the web server.
You can get Visual Studio 2005 Web Developer Express Edition free from Microsofts download site.

For production you need IIS (Internet Information Server) which is on Windows Server 2003 (web server or standard edition minimum or small business server) XP Professional (Connections are limited). There are many hosting companies that supply IIS for ASP.NET even some free ones if you hunt around.

I beleive you can run ASP.NET on Linux using a package called Mono. But I have never used it so I don't know much about it.

The internet is stuffed with .NET articles just use Google to search for them. There are zillions of books on ASP.NET just go to Amazon or some such site and choose one that suits your budget. Any book you like the look of will have plenty of reveiws so you can tell whether it's any good. There are plenty mentioned in various threads here too just use DaniWebs search feature.