I have a device control panel that consist of a veiw and settings buttons. the buttons are binded to a dataset that populates the devicenumber and deviceUID
I have a javascrip function

function gotoGeo(username, name, duid)
	top.main.location.href="../TrackApp/main.aspx?selectedTab=" + selectedTab + "&deviceName=" + name + "&deviceUID=" + duid;

my buttons are programed to access this this function like this:

onclick='javascript:gotoGeo("<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItems "Name")%>", <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItems "UID")%>)'

because the device name can consist of blank spaces I surrounded that parameter between a double quotes.

On the code behind, I have another set of data that I am binding to. and that information cannot be binded to the button controls. So, I binded the data to an invisble textfield and Now i would like to use it as an input parameter to either the control or the javafunction

Can anyone help?

I try to use the method bellow but does not work.

I first create a variable name named
var name;

and assign the value of the textbox to the name variable

name = document.getElementById('txtUsername').value;

I then used that variable as the first parameter
in the onclick button behavior.

<input type="button" value="View" onclick='javascript:gotoGeo('name', "<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItems "Name")%>", <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItems "UID")%>);'>

since I am new to this web development and javascripting stuff, I don't know if the implementation is correct.

Let me look into it, but I believe the var name is a reserved word, so you shouldn't use that. You're safest bet for that is to use txtName or just some letter before. The spaces shouldn't matter as much as it is just like a link. But, if it is possible, can't you bind your var name to a string and place it in programmatically? If you use vb, let the function deal with binding it. have the link lead to a function with your variables, and then pass the variables to your next function.

onclick='javascript:gotoGeo("<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItems "Name")%>", <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItems "UID")%>)'

(don't quote me on syntax.. :) )

Function gotoGeo(username, duid)
if (username == "" or duid == ""){
    Alert("Please fill in your required fields!");
} else {
    // pull the info from backend here and name it eName.
    var eName == "your pulled info"
    var selectedTab == "your pulled info"
    top.main.location.href="../TrackApp/main.aspx?selectedTab=" + selectedTab + "&deviceName=" + eName + "&deviceUID=" + duid;

This post would be better in the JSP or Javascript forum though, incase you wish to move or post a new one there.

Just throwin more insight :)

Here is the real question that I've been ponder over. Since the TextBox has been populated during the onload event shouln't it be possible to use the document.getElementById() method anywhere on the page? If so, How come the value is undefine?

I solved the problem and think you for your suggestions. I couldn't have done without your input. What I did, was I allow the function to have two input parameters which will be supplied by the onclick event of the buttons.

I declared the variable username inside the gotoGeo method and I then call the document.getElementById() and assign it the txtUsername object (and it works).

Glad to hear it! If there is no more, please click the Question Solved link at the bottom of the last post on the page. Hope all goes well!