Hello List!

First time posting here, and I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I'm having...

I am working w/ ASP and Javascript...

I need to show one link and open/change the windows when the link is clicked; currently, the bottom frame shows the link ok and when the link is clicked, opens up the drawing on top. BUT, what I want it to do is open up the drawing on top AND go to page '/Locations/test.asp' in the bottom frame.

My code now is:

Response.Write "<td><a href=""../Drawings/DrawGetByLocID.asp?LocID=" & aInfo(0,i) & "&DrawTypeID=-99"" target=""TopWorkSpace"">" & aInfo(8,i) & "</a></td>"

Is NOT changing the bottom frame to '/Locations.test.asp', only top frame is working. How can I get this to change BOTH frames when I click this link in the table cell in the bottom as is?

I think I can accomplish this using javascript, but just not sure how...

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

use something like parent.framea.location=x; parent.frameb.location=y;