Is anyone know how to add code Meta Tittle Tags into different pages of the website? For example, i have a website about travel and i want to add more information about feature tour into the meta tittle tag like so when anyone click it, they will see other information not same as in my web homepage so how can i do it?
You know i have already inserted the meta tittle tag into mywebsite homepage but the information appeared in all of the tittle tag in all of other web pages. I got all the code from Meta Tag generator
The bottom line is: How can i insert different information about meta tittle tag into each of webpage so when i open other pages the tittle tag will be appeared as i want and it is not same as in my web homepage.
Thanks a lot.

You need to add the meta tags to each page. And make sure you aren't adding the meta tags to an include file, because if it's added there then every page will be the same. Just add the meta tags to every page and change the information detailed to the specific page.