Cross Browse Marquee II
I'm intend to use it in 4 differents spot
with 4 different content in the same page.

Can some one help me ?


First, realize that some people find moving content on a web page very annoying, unless it is demonstrating a concept (such as a moving how-it-works diagram). It interrupts their reading processes, so they can't easily read the stationary parts of the page.

The best way to do it I can think of is to make a .gif animation. That works on anything except lynx (it's text-only). No script is necessary.

Another way to do it is to write a script to repeatedly fill a text box with text. nibbling characters off the left end and adding them on the right end. This could be done with a simple for loop. But don't hog the processor with your script, or the user will lose cursor control.

Of course, this requires that JavaScript be available and enabled, so it won't work on older browsers.

A flash animation will work too, but is unavailable for older browsers.

Amything else is probably browser-specific.