I have a page that is supposed to create a very long report working with pages downloaded from the internet and lots of regexes. At this moment, I'm running each step by elimination (for every page I check, I update a field and change the status to 1), refresh the page and start over with the next 10 pages...and soon I repeat this procedure until there's no page left with the status to 0.

The problem is that this procedure is very old and ugly with those refreshes. I would be interested in some ajax solution that would perform similar. Any ideas?!

Here's a demo with the actual page (just a demo, not my code):

      $get_10_unfinished_pages = //this pulls out maximum 10 pages that have the status 0
      get_Page () = //the actual url

if ( $get_10_unfinished_pages ) {
      foreach ( $get_10_unfinished_pages as $page ) {
           perform_various_regexes ( $page );
           update_page ( $page );//this changes the status to 1 = checked
           header ( "Location : " . get_Page () );
else {
      //do something here as well

Basically, I would love to see some ajax script that would do this:

call a page until the response is FALSE and only after that it should move to another task.

Thank you.

Hi manilodisan, AJAX is quite simple once you know how it works. Take a read of this tutorial and after about 5 minutes you should have enough knowledge to impliment ajax code into your script.

AJAX Tutorial