i am new to asp.net .i have to do two projects in asp.net.
i am weak in coding . i am making a website in asp.net with vb.net as back-end .
i have to do codibg of login page which uses postback i am confused. i have seen daniweb's thread of login page but it is connected to db.pls help me.

is it possible that on amd processor we can't install visual studio 2005 ?
i have tried a lot but it is not woking .
there are any other options available other then vs 2005 for asp.net ?

reply as early as possible...


I have not heard about any issue specific to AMD Processor and VS 2005, may be good memory needed to load fast.
Anyway since you opted to check other alternative to Visual Studio, I can put my two cents on
a product called Web Matrix - check it out,.



You need to focus on Web.Config Authentication mode, (Windows - for Intranet or Forms - Database driven user name password)

Check Web.config and connectionstring to set your database.

Use an ASPX page to check for the UserId and PAssword.

If you use SQL Server use SQLClient namespace and related classes.

if Access - OLEDB should be good.

Be Specific with your question, so that some one can help you better.


If you are using asp.net version 2.0, you can use membership which will be faster. I like the traditional way of doing it myself, but that's me.

You would need to build a database with the minimum columns of username, userid, and password.

Then, when you set up your connection to your database (whether it be OLDEB for MS Access, SQLClient for MS SQL, or ODBC for MySQL), you will need a form that asks for the username and password. You can then check the database for the username, compare the passwords, and either authorize access or post an error. A way of doing this that is not complex would be this here:

Dim strUser As String = txtUserName.Text
'If you are not running a form at the server (meaning <form runat="server">)
'use the commented code for requesting form variables.
'Dim strUser As String = Request.Form("txtUserName")
Dim strPass As String = txtPassword.Text
'Dim strPass As String = Request.Form("txtPassword")
Dim strDatabasePassword As String
Dim conLogin = New OdbcConnection( connection string or reference to web.config where connection string is )
Dim cmdSelect = New OdbcCommand( "SELECT Password FROM Users WHERE UserName=@User", conLogin )
cmdSelect.Parameters.AddWithValue( "@User", strUser )
strDatabasePassword = cmdSelect.ExecuteScalar()
if (String.Compare(strPass, strDatabasePassword, False)) = 0 then
'False means that you are comparing case-sensitive. True means case-insensitive
'do user stuff here as zero means it passed validation
'do bad stuff here as anything BUT zero means it failed validation
end if

The above example just pulls the information from the two fields in your form labeled txtUserName and txtPassword. It then searches the database for a username equal to txtUserName. Then it compares the password given by the form with the password in the database (case-sensitive!!). If it is correct then do whatever you need to, if not, you should post an error.