Hi all,
I have 2 option button, lets say A and B, When A is Chosen, B must get deactivated.
And also when A is Chosen an image appears above the option button...
I am not that good in Javascript..
The choise of selection can be anything either option button, or link or just a button..
How can it be done ?
Thanks for your help...


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Ok, so it is a good idea to try some javascript tutorials to get the hang of it first. Javascript can be a pain to debug from my experiences. A few things that you may find helpful to help with your tasks:
- onclick() *event
- visibility or display *attribute
- disabled *attribute

If you need more help post some code, and somebody can have a further look.


thnaks for the comments...
I am working through it....

I also hav another doubt of click and drag image....
its like i have and image , when its drag and dropped in a table, it must get snapped to it...
How do i snap the images to the table..?
Ur help will be much appreciated..


I am not entirely sure what you mean by the drag / drop of the image. Is this while you are designing the page or do you actually have a feature on the website to allow drag / dropping?


Its not in the website...
its for a game..
Drag and drop the elements in the table...once this is done and press enter, any the particular action take place...
eg: drag and image to a table , once the image is fixed and enter or submit is clicked, another image displays by the side..

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