Hi, anybody could help me how to create video thumbnail in asp.net,c#?

Use FFMEPG EXE for extracting the first frame of video or video thumbnail
Download FFMPEG and using Shell command in ASP.NET you can get the video thumbnail using following command

ffmpeg -i [source path] -s [resolution of video] -vframes [no of video frames] -f [image lib]
-vcodec [video codec] [destination path]

ffmpeg -i d:\share\01.wmv -s 108*80 -vframes 1 -f image2 -vcodec mjpeg d:\wmv\halo.jpg

this command will save jpeg image with name halo.jpg

Could you explain more detail in c#, for example i create class, i use VS2005
//Using library

Class VideoThumbnail{
//source to create thumbnail

thx b4

Do you know how to use the Shell command in C#?

This member has provided you an awesome response. It's not his job to write your code for you. Check this out:


you can use this, and replace the actual filenames as provided in mahendrabatt's explanation with variables. From there you should be able to write your own code.

We're here to provide help, not full-blown coding solutions.

I want to create the thumbnail of a video file using 4.0 framework. How can i do this.
Did any one knows the way of doing this?

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