i'd like to display a form on my page from a page on a remote website. I have permission to use the content on that remote site. I dont want to display the entire remote page, just the form. I have no control over the element names or ID's on the remote site, so I need to refer to the remote element by tag and number, or by XPATH.

I also want to display the response from the form on my page, after the user clicks "submit". The response, also, should only display the element of the remote page i specify. If the remote form has several response steps, my page should display each response in turn.

i want my page to be ignorant about the contents of the remote form-- except for tag and element number. The script should work with any remote form.

I prefer client-side script and html, to reduce load on my server, because I want to load the form response into the same page on the client-side, AJAX-style, rather than refresh my entire page, or go to another page.

An iFrame would suffice, if iFrames could auto-resize to fit the content, and if there was a way to load only part of the remote page, but I have not found a way to do either. So i think it has to be javascript. I've read that XMLHttpRequest cannot query external domains; if so, is there another way?

Any suggestions?
Many thanks

> I've read that XMLHttpRequest cannot query external domains
So try this and this.

thanks, but those do not do it. the first solution requires both sites to reside in the same domain-- its only for cross-SUBdomain scripting. the second solution requires a 3rd-party code library, which, as i mentioned, i'd like to avoid, and it uses an iFrame, which, as i mentioned, has other drawbacks.

...tho i may be misunderstanding what dojo is... seems like a server-side component, right?