Hey people

I currently have some rollover buttons.....very simple....text turns from grey to red when the mouse moves over the button.
I did this through dreamweavers rollover option.

But i what i want to achieve in addition to this is, when the mouse rolls over the button and turns the text red, i want a text box to appear with a brief description about the specific section. The same as when you leave your cursor over an icon for a couple of seconds, a little box appears telling you what it is.

Im not too hot with HTML and Java so does anyone know how i achieve using dreamweaver functions? If someone has a script or code for this technique i will give it a go, but would prefer to use a dreamweaver tool if possible.

Thanks for any help

Personally, I'd do what you've mentioned above in Flash. There's probably some DHTML code out there, but I like to keep my pages nice and simple, and besides, Dreamweaver doesn't really keep track of it very well.

For DHTML stuff, try DynamicDrive - there's sure to be something of help there.

Hope that helps,

There is no need to use Flash for something so basic. I can't answer your Dreamweaver questions, sorry. As a Web Developer, I code HTML, CSS and JavaScript "by hand". If you'll be working in this arena, those are skills you should definitely learn!

A very simple script using JavaScript's "onmouseover" and "onmouseout" events will do what you're asking. I'd suggest doing some web searches on those terms, and then post again if you have any more questions.

Also, on a personal note, since this is a professional forum, I would ask that everyone use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It doesn't take that much more time and increases your chances of getting quality responses.

If you are looking for a 'box' to popup I'd suggest using overlib. I don't know if we can post links so just Google "overlib" - 1st results. Free download and relatively easy to install.

Hope it helps.

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