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I run an IT solution service company that is based in Nigeria. We have decided to upgrade our operations due to the new customers we are having now. We hope to reach a higher level of providing the best IT services in Nigeria. Therefore, I wish to be connected with …

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Hi I am a senior computer science student who is about to graduate. However, I have not had that much of an experience working with IT stuff other than what I did in classes. I feel really lost now, and very scared leaving academics without getting my hands dirty in …

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A website purporting to encourage improved broadband Internet access in the U.S. runs the risk of undercutting its argument by playing games with statistics. [URL="http://www.speedmatters.org/"]www.speedmatters.org[/URL], a project of the Communications Workers of America, has released its second survey of broadband Internet speeds in the U.S., noting that there has been …

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