Warrenty still applied with international relocation?


I am temporarily living in Canada but moving back to Australia soon.

I have a samsung tablet I purchased here in Canada for my personal use here at an authorised samsung seller. (Staples)

When I return to Australia with it in my carry on liuggage, will the warrenty still cover it.

Thanks Guys

In this regard, my experiance in not so good.
I purchased a Nokia XL mobile at Dubai for my personal purpose, but at Kolkata it didn't support the warrenty. This depands on the jurisdiction area where you are pruchasing.

Most of the time, the manufacturer will honor the warranty, but you will be responsible for shipping it to their factory repair depot. Go online to the manufacturer's web site and check with their support staff about that.

Read your warranty carefully... Depending on brand and sometimes even product it can vary wildly.

I KNOW Nikon USA for example does not honour any warranty for any Nikon product that's not sold by them, and the rest of the world does not honour warranty on anything sold by Nikon USA.
This is because they're technically a different company from Nikon World (so funds are completely separate). Other similar structures exist within other companies.

No clue what Samsung does, but I'd not be surprised if they use regional warranties to discourage people buying products abroad where it's cheaper (there are massive differences in the price of electronics products between countries).