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I have always thought I wanted to study computer science for many reaons even though I did not know much about it or about the many other majors taht are availlable. I took AP in computer science and I liked it for the first 6 weeks or so untill I …

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Hello daniweb community. I'm hoping to start a Computer Science Bsc next year, and I'm in an odd situation. For reasons I'd rather not explain (it's not a conflict or anything, just some weird circumstances), I'm living at home, with my two sisters and their respective boyfriends. I don't pay …

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Hello to everyone. First of all let me say that I know that there are TONS of threads with the same subject. BUT the other threads are dealing with PHP vs ASP question in general and I have a specific question. :) So, I have to choose between PHP and …

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What open source software for PDAs/smart phones (like Blackberry )is best for student attendance monitoring/tracking? Any specific/brand of software? Or any possible specific hardware for that software?

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According to the network security team at Oxford University Computing Services ([OxCERT](http://blogs.oucs.ox.ac.uk/oxcert/)) with the title of 'Google Blocks' the world famous seat of learning has decided to put a block, albeit a temporary one, on the use of Google Docs. Robin Stevens from the network security team at Oxford says …

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Currently a third year student studying Business Informations Systems and am finding it difficult to come up with a project idea I would like to pursue. Can somebody help out and suggest me some ideas for a project relating to this course that I can go ahead with. Cheers

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Hello All, I am considering working on an additional degree in computer science from Regis University. The program is an ABET accredited program. It looks good on paper but I was wondering if anyone had any experience or opinions on the program. Thanks!

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i would like to be helped on how to get sql and php tags for an online application system

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On the same day that [URL="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11225197"]UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has been explaining that Government sees "no justification for taxpayers' money being used to support research which is neither commercially useful nor theoretically outstanding"[/URL] and that universities will be expected to "do more for less" an event has been showcasing …

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hello people of DaniWeb! This is my first post.I gotta tell you that my head is going crazy lately.I am 18. So what's the case? Alright last year I gave some really really really hard exams in my country Greece.I suceeded. I got into the university at the Department of …

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Here's my code: bigInt.cpp [CODE]/ // bigInt.cpp #include "bigInt.h" bigInt::bigInt() { int i; for(i = 0; i < SIZE; i++) //Sets all the values of digits to 0. digits[i] = 0; sign = true; numDigits = 1; error1 = true; overflowFlag = false; } bigInt::bigInt(const char temp []) { int …

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Howdy! I've searched the forums and Google for ideas but all the information/advice I found was either not helpful or inaccurate. So, perhaps someone here can help point me in the right direction. I'm heading off to University next year but, before I do that, I'd like to study some …

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So basically i've been thinking really about the different programming languages as i have been looking at computer science courses at university. A lot of the courses use java as their main programming language. It got me thinking, is Java the future of programming and if so why? I am …

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Hello Everyone! My name is Steven. I am a Senior level Software Engineering major at Mississippi State. I've been fixing IT-ish problems since I was... 10, primarily in windows, so yeah! Needless to say, I'm decently knowledgeable when it comes to fixing computers, but every now and then, something I …

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The University of Central Florida is currently knee deep in $434,000 of federal tax money programming a video game for teenage girls which acclimates them to the pressures of sexual advances in social environments. Working with UCF’s Institute for Stimulation and Training, Dr. Anne Norris, statistician and methodologist for the …

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Hi, as a bit of background, My Uni have lately implemented a CGI script so you have to log in to be able to use the wireless. This would be OK but they are terrible programmers and instead of timing out after a period of inactivity it will time out …

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Hi! I'm new here and I guess this is where I post info about myself? Well I'm from Jamaica and I'm 19. Currently in my 2nd year of University. I like programming...I'm really good at it so I hear. I love web development though. I really want to get better …

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Hello all, I am taking a course in C++ and in Ada. Our professor has given us the choice to be tested in language profficiency in either C++ or Ada. The test format will be of simpler programming problems and more geared towards shortanswer concepts. I was wondering if anyone …

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Surprisingly, the answer could well be yes. At least if a bunch of computer science researchers at [URL="http://www.dur.ac.uk/computer.science/"]Durham University[/URL] have anything to do with it. The group have taken the 3D game engine that powers the immersive Half Life 2 game and used it to develop a realistic virtual simulation …

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I have this problem where my pc (other staff's pc) keep restarting after login the windows. I tried to run the HijackThis.exe on its own folder as adviced. I have no other browser open. But the application stopped and show 'Can't Quit'. How can anyone, please help me!! It is …

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