The project should be able to perform the task of a payroll system for the University workers and the enrollment system for the Students. I have already designed the interface for the whole project. could you please send me the codes for the program.
Basically two programs of payroll system and the enrollment system should be in one program and not two but there should be a provinsion of password validation form for accessing the programs, that is Payroll system and enrollment system.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Yours Faithfully,


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could you please send me the codes for the program.

no.. we won't send u a codes. we directing u and give an example but not all codes friend :)


Design ms access database first, create tables like user ,etc ,at every button press you have to either query or update the database. I would say it is an easy homework.


please send me the codes for university management

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Hi kigams/raynold,
Here we don't provide full developed source code without seeing your effort. We will be glad to help you if you tell us what you ave done till now? What are the codes you have written? What errors you are getting?
If you want full developed software(Source code), then I think you will need to purchase/buy it. I believe here most programmers might make full developed software if you gonna buy it.


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Im a freelance programmer, maybe i can help you, as long as you pay through Western Union.. :) haha.. if your interested, PM me, or visit my website... :)

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