Vector smart object color


How can I change the color of a Vector Smart Object that was imported from Illustrator into Photoshop? Both products are from CS 6.

When I try to do color overlay it just colors over the whole thing, and there's supposed to be a white cutout in the vector.



One way seems to be to edit the contents of the imported/placed object. I just tried this with Illustrator and Photoshop in CS2. I don't know if it still applies to CS6.

In Illustrator:

  1. Create a rendering
  2. Save to file

In Photoshop:

  1. Place rendering from file
  2. Right-click the new item's layer
  3. Select Edit Contents
  4. Illustrator will open a window containing the Vector Smart Object

In the Vector Smart Object Illustrator window:

  1. Edit the rendering
  2. Save (Command + S / Control + S)
  3. Close window

Back to Photoshop:

  1. Reselect the Photoshop window
  2. The placed rendering will update to reflect the recent changes

I hope this helps!

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