I must say i am very pleased with the new feature that is shown for each threads. We can now see the age of a post instead of opening the post only to find out it's 5 years old.
Great job Dani

I'm glad that you like it. You can also click on the link in the yellow heading area to sort threads by Thread Start Time, in case you just want to quickly see what threads are new in a forum (ie what discussions you haven't seen before).

:) Good job! Nicely done..

Edit: Even the sliding navigation is good !

v. nice

commented: Grats on making it past Dani. +3

this is very handy for the introductions forum.

Homepage is pretty Good now....Good Work Dani :)

Sorry for thread Hijack ;)

Thanks :) It's amazing what you can accomplish by simply taking the first entry of the listing and putting a different background color behind it.

Users profile looks organised now ! :) Nice !