What happened to the ICODE button in C/C++? Could you please add it back, and on the quick reply, too? It would be nice to have a keystroke for it, also. Pretty pleaseeee???
(batting my eyelashes coyly)

Sorry about that ... I was trying to fix something and ended up breaking it. Unfortunately I can't add an accesskey. Sorry.

I'm curious as to why? Can't a keystroke be added the same as a ^B or ^I?

vBulletin's editor is the one part of their system that I think is poorly coded. It relies on multiple javascript files with a lot of its elements hard coded in multiple places. Every time I've tried to make any change to it, I ended up breaking something else with it.

Apparently vBulletin agrees, and the new version of vB (currently in beta, that we're waiting on switching to) includes an editor that, while functioning the same, was rewritten from the ground up behind the scenes.

Incidentally, this is why it took three different tries over the course of a year to get the smiley/color dropdown menus to work right. :) And that was a known vBulletin bug that lots of vBulletin board owners were having problems with!

Gotcha! :)

Dani, could you please add ICODE to the quick reply, too? I answer many questions in the QR box and would like to format there, before previewing the message. Then we don't have to run around highlighting all the ICODE pieces and maybe miss one.

Re-read posts #4 and #5 :)

Didn't know adding an icon had the same problem, esp since you added it on the other input box. OK.

Seems to be somewhat of a hacked system if you ask me...

> esp since you added it on the other input box
It's a built-in vBulletin feature to add custom icons to the regular editor.