I have taken Mobile Application Development as my last semester subject .. I was wondering if it was worth giving a brand new forum for MAD. Or there is some other place where I could post my problems ??

What on earth IS mobile application development? It sounds like cellphone software or something lol.

and its becoming popular day by day ... if you dont set it now ... you'll have to think of it some other day. :)

in near future for digital personals and far future for analog personals

I'm sorry. I'm still confused. What is mobile application development? I have never heard of that term before.


Mobile application development can involve significant information technology challenges. With the array of devices, communications protocols, and back end data sources, many organizations are struggling to deliver even one small mobile software application to their end users.

As wireless Java continues to go mainstream, development tool vendors are introducing J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) IDEs. By addressing the unique issues in device programming, these IDEs allow existing and new Java developers, especially corporate developers, to more easily adopt J2ME.

You can learn more here.

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So I'm confused the new forum that is being proposed. Are you guys suggesting a new forum for Embedded Devices or programming for embedded devices? Why can't these questions simply be posted in the Java forum or the Hardware forum? Wouldn't adding another forum for them confuse matters since they are Java related as well? I think that for embedded devices programming, the computer science and misc. languages forums can be used for ASM programming, and the Java forum can be used as well. Is there really a need for another forum? It seems to me that any thread that would be placed in this proposed forum would already have a clearcut home in one of the existing forums we offer.

I think there is .. cuz java is not the ONLY language for mobile application development ...

Okay if you say that the questions can be posted in the java forum then why have the jsp forum ??? .. I think jsp is also java ( j2ee ). I don know you've just confused me too ... but I'll tell you when I have taken 3 or 4 lectures of mobile application development .... and I am thinking of building my final year project in j2me too ... so I need my questions to be answered desperately ... and I just want the place to be daniweb (don wanna go anywhere else).

So decide quickly ... and decide wisely.

I work for a MAD company (ha ha). We make wireless email solutions for enterprises. The client stuff is all in C++ so it can be portable across Palm, Pocket PC, and the like. Though there is some java/javascript where needed. The host stuff is written in a variety of languages.

The thing about a whole separate forum is interesting; isn't there a risk that posters would post, say, Java or C++ questions there just because they are working an a mobile app? Maybe forums just for PPC or Palm or other embedded platforms?