I think its about time we add a new MS-Windows board that is specific to MS-Windows programming. Why? Because there have been several threads in the c and c++ boards (probably vb too) that are about windows programming instead of about c or c++. This thread is a good example of that.

It seems to be that it would be a lot easier for members to search for windows programming problems in a windows-specific board instead of wading through the thousands of threads in the c and c++ boards.

Have there been enough *nix-specific threads there to similarly warrant a *nix sibling as well?

I don't like creating new fourms until there is enough demand that it's reasonable to expect at least a couple of new threads (2 or 3) will be posted in it daily. Otherwise it looks empty and stale, and because it's stale, people avoid it, and it's a continuous cycle of people posting elsewhere even if their thread is applicable to the new forum because it's too empty and they're afraid not enough people look in it to provide an answer. And then we end up with a permanently empty new forum just adding to our additional 100+ forums. And the fewer the forums, the fewer misfiled threads we end up with, because people new to the site don't have to spend 10 minutes reading down the list trying to figure out where to post.

That being said ... the criteria for creating a new forum is for there to be at least 10 threads that have been created recently that would be the best fit in the new forum.

Link me to 10 recent C++-related threads that are specific to Windows programming instead of the actual language, wouldn't apply to Game Development, wouldn't apply to the Other Languages forum, wouldn't apply to the Software Developer's Lounge (where misc questions that can't really be classified as anything in particular can be posted), and wouldn't apply to the ASP.NET forum.

(Side note: it's very easy using our search feature to search for a keyword such as "windows" or "visual studio" within just a particular forum or group of forums, and sort the results by any number of things.)

[aside]I wonder how many could be 'backfilled' in such a manner? Although niche-y, it is sometimes nice as a mod option since it can be used to collect "not really C++ questions" and after aggregation perhaps future replies could be left separate from language proper stuff.


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And you'd still get posts in it from the Turbo C luddites as well.

Most of the time, they don't have a clue what their question is. Is it an OS question, a C++ question, a compiler question or an API question?. They just scan the forum titles (ignoring the subject), and latch on like leeches to the first thing which makes any sense to them.

Hell, they even make it past god-knows how many attempts to get them to use code tags with 99% efficiency. A singular "This forum is for questions on..." is just not going to be any use at all.

More choice just brings more confusion and opportunity for posting in the wrong forum.

> This thread is a good example of that.
What makes you think it's a Windows specific question?
The only thing I could really determine was that they're using some UI Toolkit with a Form, but that's equally true of Linux and Mac as well.
What it does demonstrate though is how people post less than minimal information and expect people to respond with exactly what they want.